Star Wars Must Haves For The Early Christmas Buyers

Star Wars fans everywhere get another extra special Christmas present this year with the release of the new Rogue One movie. So to celebrate, we thought we would shout about some of our favourite Star Wars gadgets and gizmos here at Gadget Land Shop.

Star Wars BB8 Force Band Special Edition Bundle

Our amazing, Christmas list topping Star Wars Bundle is here and if you order it quickly enough, you might just be in time to save yourself a juicy €20 off the price. The best way to awaken the Jedi within you, this bundle allows you to use the force to move your BB8 Droid around your home. just move your hand and send your cute little droid scuttling in any direction you want. Not just any BB8 though, this one is a special edition battle worn BB8, looking rough and ready for his next adventure.

Wear the Force Band and transform yourself from Padawan to Jedi in no time at all with the Combat Training and Force Awareness modes.Best of all, the Force Band will alert you to digital holocrons in the real world so you can make your own Star Wars collection!And last but certainly not least, snuggle with BB8 on movie night, stick The Force Awakens on and he will watch the entire film with you, reacting to every scene and plot twist too.

If the Star Wars BB8 and Force Band Special Edition Bundle is a little over budget for you, why not try this amazing speaker.

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Bluetooth Speaker/Hands Free Kit

The greatest hunk of junk to grace the galaxy is now ready to zoom into your home! Movie quality looks with an impressive 3W speaker built in along with the super cool LED afterburner lights, this is a must for all Star Wars fans! The added bonus of the hands free mode means you can hear your friends talk from an Millennium Falcon. One more thing, the demo button will play out the Star Wars theme, as if you needed any more reason to add this to your basket! She’s got it where it counts kid!

Star Wars Star Destroyer Bluetooth Speaker/Hands Free Kit

Star Wars Rogue One 3D Stormtrooper Notebook

Take notes from your evil overlord (or teacher) in this officially licensed Star Wars Rogue One 3D Stormtrooper Notebook. This 3D printed design holds 80 pages inside making sure you have plenty of room to draw pictures of your hero, Mr Vader surrounding by love hearts or whatever else you want to doodle. Because it’s not like we’re in love the dreamy Darth or anything… Promise.A perfect piece of dark side memorabilia.

Star Wars Door Mat

Make sure your friends and family know of your allegiance to the dark side before they even step into your empire with this fantastic Star Wars Door Mat. Featuring the big cheese himself, Mr DV, this non slip PVC base door mat features hard wearing coconut fibres to really get all the mud off your shoes. Perfect for when you have been having a training session in the swampy wilderness of Dagobah.

Star Wars Rogue One Lightsaber Pens

Make your desk that little bit more exciting with these brilliant Lightsaber pens. Two are included in the pack (one red and one blue) so you can decide which side you want to fight for. Perfect for impromptu battles around the office or classroom, this duo pack is even better when pair with the Star Wars Rogue One Pencil Toppers!

Star Wars Rogue One Pencil Toppers

Now your pencils can be just as snazzy as your pens with these adorable yet totally cool mini guys. Pop a Darth and Stormtrooper onto your pencils and let them take away any mistakes you may have written. No, not with lightsabers or blasters, but with the super erasing magic!

Where’s The Wookiee

Like Where’s Wally but with a Star Wars makeover, the Where’s the Wookie book will take you on a journey across the galaxies looking for our fuzzy wuzzy friend. Not only do you have to find the giant teddy that is Han’s best mate, but you also have to track down ten other characters in each location. Featuring 40 pages of hardcore searchability, the Where’s The Wookie book is a brilliant and exciting search book for anyone.

Who would have known that finding an 8 foot Chewbacca would be so hard?!

Star Wars Galaxy Battle Light

Possibly the only lamp in the world to feature an internal war, the Star Wars Galaxy Battle Light features a myriad of teeny X-Wings and TIE Fighters battling against each other. With a sleek futuristic design which wouldn’t look out of place on the Death Star, this lamp could be considered as far too stimulating to use as a night light! The base features two logos so you can choose a side and show off either the Resistance or First Order badge.

Star Wars Kylo Ren Bathrobe

Make sure you stay cosier than Luke in a Tauntaun with this super chusty Star Wars Kylo Ren Bath Robe. Using the power of softness, this First Order inspired dressing gown is an essential relaxing accessory after blowing up planets and being mean to Han Solo. Featuring a full Kylo Ren mask on the back with a First Order badge on the chest, any First Order fan should have this on their Christmas wishlist.

If Kylo is a little too dark for you, then why not opt for the much more chilled but equally as cosy Jedi Bath Robe.

Star Wars Jedi Robe

The Hoverboard is Back: Introducing the Razor Hovertrax 2.0

If you’re new to the world of hoverboards, otherwise known as self-balancing boards or scooters, then let us give you the low down on what to expect from your two-wheeled wonder!
The Hovertrax 2.0 is the brand-new addition from Razor, an American company based out of southern California which offers wide range of award-winning products made for action sports. Since they began manufacturing self-balancing scooters, these cool hoverboards have been widely regarded as some of the very best on the market, raising the bar for all self-balancing scooters out there.
The Hovertrax 2.0 was the first US brand to receive the UL 2272 listing for safety, ensuring this awesome rider meets or exceeds the highest fire and electrical standards, putting your safety first with every ride.
Offering a ride so smooth you actually feel like you’re gliding through the air, this solid speed machine is built with a shatter resistant polymer frame, silent, dual hub 250W motors with gyro-sensor technology, foot controlled movement, seamless manoeuvring steering, anti-slip foot platforms and rubber wheels with aluminium hubs. The quick-charge 36V battery offers around 115 minutes of continuous use, and features a battery indicator light, so you’re always kept in the loop about how much riding time you have left.
One of the more impressive features of the Razor Hovertrax is the amazing self-balancing function. As soon as you switch on the scooter, the Hovertrax will stand upright, ready for you to step on board, making it feel more stable and easier to ride from the very first moment.
The Hovertrax utilizes smart balancing gyro-sensor technology that makes the ride smooth, stable, accurate, and easy to learn. Within an hour, you will be able to spin 360 degrees, gliding around like a true pro!
Weighing a mere 22lbs (9.97kg), the Hovertrax 2.0 is the lightweight design that can be taken with you anywhere! The Hovertrax can reach a top speed of 6mph, carry a maximum weight of 220 lbs, go up inclines of 15 degrees and down declines of 15 degrees, is suitable for adults and teenagers over 13 years of age, making this cool design as versatile as it is amazing fun to ride.
With Toy Insider describing the Razor Hovertrax as the ‘smooth ride kids (and adults) have been dreaming about’ and Men’s Journal impressed by ‘dual motors and gyroscopic sensors’ which ‘let the Razor Hovertrax hoverboard stop on a dime, glide or turn a 360 with a tilt of your feet’, the Hovertrax is the hoverboard that any thrill seeker will be happy to roll away on this year!
If you are going to buy Hoverboard in ireland don’t forget to check the battery.